Love One Another

loveCorinthians 13:13 “And now these three remain: faith, hope and love.  But the greatest of these is love”.

In reading I Corinthians chapter 13, love is defined and revealed as how humans we should embrace and process this emotion.  We are so blessed to be able to feel the rush of euphoric passion for others and this is why a loved one’s death makes the heart and soul ache after the loss.  It is overwhelming to experience deep devotion for another human being and only now I recognize and acknowledge it once they are gone.

In the 14+ years since I have started my grief journey, each loss has been a learning and growth experience.  I know the separation is temporary and I know that we will be reunited someday due to my acceptance of the Savior.  But how do I endure it now?  I have picked up a few resolutions which have comforted me.

1) Focusing on others-There is so much pain and heartache on this earth, and I know The Truth and what better way to demonstrate it then help others.  One simple act I like to do is sending cards to those who are ill or have lost a loved one.  I remember how much it meant to me for someone to take a few minutes of their day and pen a note expressing their condolences or well wishes for me.

2) Giving unto others-My family frequently feeds the homeless.  Preparing a meal to share with those who are less fortunate warms my heart and the blessing I receive is in meeting and talking with the individuals.  Every person is unique and has a story, not always a glamorous tale, but their lives are just as important.

3) Aiding the weak-My husband and I are part of an organization which supports families with critically ill children.  We check in with families who are assigned to us, pray for them and try to support them as we can.  I am so blessed to have 3 healthy children and consider these families unsung heroes who make great sacrifices for their children.  Focusing on others has helped me realize my worries and situations are small compared to others who carry such huge burdens.

4) Praying for others-I pray throughout the day, driving, sitting at my desk, taking a shower, falling asleep at night, whenever someone pops into my head from my prayer list, I stop and pray.  Again, it takes the focus off of me and shines on a person who needs to be lifted up and feel the presence of the Lord.   I love the Lord and I want to convey to others there is hope in having faith in Our Father.

My life lesson learned is to be thankful for my loved ones now and embrace the feelings I have for family, relationships, and memories.  I know with my faith and hope in God and Jesus Christ, I will see my precious ones again and the feelings will swell into some type of exultation never experienced here on earth.

My friends, this is why love is the greatest of all of these.heart

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