Be the Hands and Feet

Be The Hands and Feet

“Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, ‘Whom shall I send?  And who will go for us?’  And I said, “Here I am.  Send me!”-Isaiah 6:8

My heart aches.

So much devastation.

I can’t keep up with the statistics.

Neighborhoods ruined, businesses wiped out, school districts closed indefinitely.  Where do these people go?  This is my backyard.  This is a part of Louisiana I frequently drive through as I travel to and from Texas.  I see on TV the familiar exit signs off the highway but can’t comprehend all the water up to and even over parts of a major highway.


I ask myself- how can I help?  The Holy Spirit whispers in my ear, “Be the hands and feet of Me”.

There are tragic events all around our country.  Flooding in the Southeast, fires in the west, riots in the cities, and anticipated hurricanes in the oceans.  I am calling on all prayer warriors to take your bible as your sword and shield and lift up all areas afflicted with devastation.  There is power in prayer and collectively we can change our world by lifting it up to Him.

There is a reason it is called “good works”.  It is when you are actively participating for the benefit of others.  There is plenty we can do in our area; gutting houses, feeding people, donating items, fostering animals, and the list goes on.  Don’t wait for something bad to happen.  Get out in your community and help.  There are nursing homes to visit, homeless people to feed, Habitat for Humanity or trash pickup in your town.  Be engaged in helping others.

Tragedies happen frequently in our world.  Living in Texas and Louisiana there are certain actions to be taken every year for hurricane season.  I make sure we have extra water, hubby checks the generator, and we make sure batteries and flashlights are ready for use.  I am taking it a step further and working with the Southern Baptist Disaster Relief group and going through certification to be able to respond to future disaster relief anywhere and provide assistance as needed.

This is not a sprint, but a LONG marathon.  It will take months for homes to be gutted, dried, treated, and rebuilt.  Insurance companies and contractors are stretched thin and those who are living the nightmare daily want to be back to “normal”.  Please pray for the first responders, doctors, hospitals, churches, volunteers, and the victims of this epic flood.  Blessings !

5 thoughts on “Be the Hands and Feet

  1. Dad’s favorite quote from Isaiah. He would be so proud of you for taking that extra step forward. Wish I could be there to help. I will be Collecting cards from Lowes and Home depot to give to you when you come in a few weeks. Make a list of who can use them the most.

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  2. We have been watching with horror and unbelief–brings back memories of Hurricane Katrina! (we were living in Mobile, AL at the time, so that is all burned in our memory). Praying for your community and LOVE your words of encouragement–it’s in times such as these that the body of Christ can truly show just how awesome and life-changing the love of God is, by being Jesus to so many in need! Blessings on you!

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    • Amen sista. We weren’t here for Katrina, but had family that went through it. This is so much worse, not in loss of life, but $$$. The majority of the people who lost their homes had no flood insurance. They were above sea level and the areas had never flooded. Businesses lost, so much devastation, it is unbelievable. Yes, He whispers to me and I will go and help, pray, and comfort. Thank you for the encouragement!

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  3. Yes, it is a long and ongoing marathon. My heart was so broken yesterday, in particular, for whatever reason. I think my heart was so tender because the news is just everyday, more and more. I could barely look upon Italy’s earthquake or the violence in so many quarters of the world and our country or abuse of children in Australia or gang rape in South Sudan or…or…. I can only pray to God Who knows all and knows each one of His creations. The hands and feet of Jesus is what we each must be in whatever situation is near or we are able to assist in. Thank you for encouraging my heart this day.

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