Beauty In The Swamp


The prompt today is “paint”.  #Write31Days  #5MFW

//My husband and I own quite a few pieces of art.  We love paintings and I guess if I had to describe our taste, it would be “southern culture”.  We have paintings of jazz clubs, restaurants, swamps, log cabins, large Live Oaks, streets in the French Quarter, Fleur de Lis, and even fish.  When I look at a painting of a swamp, with the massive cypress trees holding up a host of moss, I am transported to this magical place.  I have been on boat rides through the swamps, taking in the swamp air (yes there is a distinct smell), looking at the birds, alligators, fish, and snakes. The animals carry on with surviving another day and show us little attention. The air is heavy with moisture and I feel my skin damp with the humidity.    I wonder over the last hundreds of years how many people have actually had this same experience.  I am in awe how viewing this work of art can evoke all my senses and remind me of how the earth is so precious and beautiful.  God created a gorgeous place for us to enjoy, capture, and put in a painting for others to appreciate.//



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