Southern Belle


//”My gosh, this woman has too many clothes!” exclaimed my sister in law.  We were cleaning out my mother in law, Shirley’s, closet.  She was moving into an assisted living facility and we had to downsize, and quick.  As I looked at the rows of blouses, dresses, pants, shoes, and accessories, I smiled to myself.  In her prime, Shirley was the epitome of southern style.  She wore the latest fashion and insisted on a matching outfit (no sweat- pants and T-shirt).   It was coordinated perfectly with pearls, scarf, or shiny necklace.  Her makeup and lipstick were impeccable, as well as the bouffant hair.  I used to laugh at her big hair, but let me tell you, she could wear it well.  I was reminded how together she was, no matter what the mood, or disaster going on in her life or ours.  She would be dressed to the hilt and had a beautiful smile to finish it.  I know Shirley loved the Lord, but she had issues, like so many of us, in letting go and letting God.  She made every effort to ensure she looked together and perfect on the outside (and she was a beautiful lady) but hid so many fears inside, like a little girl.  We witnessed this towards the end of her life when she had not one, but two strokes and her body became frail, weak, and eventually succumbed to infection.  Her insecurities and flaws were laid out before all of us but it did not make her any less attractive.  I was privileged to be with her when she passed, and how dignified and stunning she was indeed.  I so loved and admired this woman and all of her southern charm, including the clothes, lipstick, and big hair.//  #Write31Days   #5MFW

“Elegance is when the inside is as beautiful as the outside.”-Coco Chanel,  fashion designer



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