Yes, I Will Have Some Sweet Tea, Please!



The prompt for today is brew.

//One of my favorite beverages is tea. There is something intoxicating when I combine hot water and a tea bag.  Watching the water changes from clear to a rich brown and inhaling the aroma of earthy tea as it steeps.  The bonus is when you add sugar (or honey) and pour over ice-instant gratification!  Personally, I think sun tea, when it is brewed slowly by the sun, is the best way to enjoy the deliciousness!   I think about my devotional time and how it is similar to the brewing of tea.  Taking the written word and combining it with my brain cells and add a little sweet love from God, and voila!  Instant gratification!  When I can read, dissect, and disseminate the written word, it is like my faith brews and allows me to serve others with my testimony.  My prayer is to allow my actions and words to share God’s love for all of us.   And to be as sweet as a glass of iced tea on a hot summer day.//

“Pleasant words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones.”-Proverbs 16:24

5 thoughts on “Yes, I Will Have Some Sweet Tea, Please!

  1. Your getting these daily blogs down pretty good. I guess being a German baby you have switched to the Southern style pretty good. LOL If you don’t have sweet tea you aren’t from the south or Texas. Love your writings.
    Love you so much, Kels

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