Water Dweller


I will be honest.  When I heard of the word today, muddle, my first thought was Yum!  A mojito!  But I digress, even though the muddling of mint sounds delish!

//Whether it is the beach, lake, river, or pool, I love the water.  My name means “dweller by the water”.  I love to walk to the edge of the ocean and stand in the water ankle deep.  Looking down I can see my feet as the water laps at my legs.  If I shuffle my feet in the wet sand, all I can see is murky brown water.  If I am patient, and wait, the sediment slowly settles and I can see my feet again.  Sometimes in the busyness of life, it is hard to see your purpose.  There are illnesses, drama, appointments, phone calls, conversations, all which muddy up life.  If I can take the time to slow down, quiet the noise, be patient, and wait, my focus is sharpened.  Taking the time to be with God allows me to breathe and center on my purpose.  The sediment in my head slowly settles and I can see the clear picture of what He wants from me.  Breathing slowly in and out, like the water lapping at the shore, brings me peace and clarity in seeing my feet again.//


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