The prompt for today is post-it.  A few years ago I would have written about the little square piece of paper which I could write something on, and stick it on a counter, wall, or mirror.  But today’s prompt made me immediately think if social media.  It is amazing how far we have come in technology in a few short years.  What will the word post-it mean to me in a few years from now?

//Why is it so important to update the world what I am doing via the internet?  This morning I completed a 5K walk and came home.  Only to briefly panic at the fact I did not tag myself at the event and put it on Facebook.  Instead, I searched on Facebook for the location and the event and did a late post it.  Then I pondered why it was so important to share?  I want my friends and family to know I got up early and exercised?  I was able to tag others who were with me so I look involved?  Or was it a habit?  I am embarrassed to admit it, but I think it is the last one, a habit.  I do think social media can be used for good- I ask for prayer requests and share prayers answered, and I utilize social media for my blog; I encourage my writing group through Compel with their pieces and share writing tidbits from the Compel website.  I also am able to keep up with family in other states as to what they are doing in their daily lives.  But I admit I could curb my “posting frenzy” of trivial nuggets, especially if I did not even think about posting while I was at the event!  Note to self-if it was not important at the time to mention on social media, then it probably isn’t worth mentioning at all.  By the way, it was a beautiful Saturday to be out and walking for a good cause. Post it, sista!//

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