Sunset Promise


The prompt for today is “sky” and I have to confess, this took a little longer than five minutes to write.  The picture I have included was the one I took on the below mentioned night.  It was breathtaking. Enjoy!  #write31days  #5MFW


//The last couple of days was brutal.  My father was dying and the family had gathered.  I kept pleading with God to take him.  Release him from his ravaged body and the pain.  A small whisper in my ears told me, “In My time.”  So we waited.  It was an overcast and rainy Saturday.  We were all exhausted in taking turns tending to Dad.  He was no longer awake or communicating but we wanted him as comfortable as possible.  It was sometime in the early evening and I needed a break.  I went out on the back porch and took a big, deep breath.  It was lightly raining but the sky was breaking up in the west.  I sat down and stared at the parting clouds, too tired to think, cry, or move.  I found myself cocking my head and attempting to comprehend what was developing in the sky.  There was a burst of colors in  fiery orange, red, pink and yellow blasting through the clouds.  They formed appendages as to signal the heavens were opening to accept my dad.  I quickly called the family and we all sat in awe of what we were witnessing out on the porch.   I knew it was time for Dad to go to his forever home.  There was peace in the beauty that unfolded in the sky on this evening.  Two hours later, dad went to be with God.  It was in God’s perfect timing.  I am thankful for the wonderful memory of dad leaving this temporary home and the reassurance of an eternal existence with His Father.//


7 thoughts on “Sunset Promise

  1. There you go again, even 2 years later I still cry when I remember that night. Each of us took the same sunset with the phones for you kids but I grabbed Dad’s camera. So when we compared the pictures they were each different and you later put together the most beautiful memory of that sunset and Dad going to be with God. When you realized that Dad had taken his last breath, we all clasped hands around his bed and Kollin said a prayer and we all cried together.

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  2. Kelsey,
    I am so sorry you had such a heartbreaking weekend. My thoughts and prayers are with you. That sunset and the opening formation of the clouds was such a precious gift God gave you. I can only imagine the hope that moment sparked! Thank you so much for sharing this hope with us at #MomentsofHope!
    Blessings and smiles,

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  3. That is a beautiful story. What a gift from God in the midst of such incredible loss. God is good. Thank you for sharing. I am so sorry for your loss but glad God demonstrated his love for you in the beautiful painting in the sky.

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