Send It Forward


The prompt for this Five Minute Friday is “mail”.  Enjoy!

//Another day: another stuffed mailbox.  I had not received this volume of mail; ever.  After my husband died, friends, family, and strangers sent me sympathy cards, grief books, with love and encouragement.  I wish I would have enjoyed it more, but during this time in my life, I lived in an immense, dense fog.

Looking back and reflecting, I am so thankful for the hundreds of people who cared about me and my children.  The sweet hand written notes from others were another God sign we were loved.  I want others who are pained by grief to feel God’s love through my actions.

I volunteer for a non-profit, Ragan’s Hope, who assist parents of children with serious ongoing medical conditions or injuries.  Part of my ministry is to reach out to the families who have lost a child in the first year after their death.  I send them four cards in the first year with a letter sharing a stage in my grief journey after the loss of my husband.  I pray over the card before mailing it in hopes it will let them know they are not alone in their anguish.  They are loved.

I believe my stuffed mailbox was God preparing me to reach out to others and “send it forward” to those who are starting their grief journey.  I have reached a place where I can share my experience and how He walked beside me during my thick, foggy, life.  I pray my cards will be multiplied and fill another person’s mailbox and they will “send it forward” one day.//

“Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.”-Matthew 5:4 NIV

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