A Faith Move


The prompt for the day is “move”.  I keep humming in my mind the song from TobyMac, Move (Keep Walkin’).  As I see it,  we all are soldiers who need to keep movin’ on…..

//I sat there in total disbelief.  I knew I had heard God right, but it bore repeating to my heart again.  “Move, God?  Are you sure?”  It was 2008 and we had been married for three years.  In three years, Randy and I had a chaotic newlywed period.  He was a bachelor and at age forty-three, he married a widow with three children.  The oldest child, who was severely broken by her father’s death, had been a challenge the first three years of the marriage with drugs, running away, and inappropriate behavior.   We also had suffered some losses of family members in those years and now this.  Both Randy’s father and sister had  serious health issues and we lived over four hundred miles away.

I knew what God was asking and I had a peace about it, so I shared it with Randy.  He was stunned with the suggestion, but after a little time to reflect, we did it.  Keep in mind there were many challenges in moving from Coppell, Texas to Mandeville, Louisiana.  But when God is in charge, all pieces fall into place.  Randy found a job immediately.  We put our house on the market (during a real estate downturn) and sold it quickly at the asking price.  Our middle son was a freshman in high school and loved his football.  We agreed Randy would move down to Louisiana, start his job, and find us a house.  I would stay behind with the children until after football season.  Randy found our house and we bought it with a counter offer.  The boys moved with us to Louisiana and our daughter stayed behind (she had met her future husband and was still working through some issues).  We were in Louisiana for six months and then we lost Randy’s dad and sister in May and June of 2009.

In looking back, one might ask, why did you do all of this only to spend six months with Randy’s dad and sister?  It was much bigger.  It was what God asked of us and we responded.  We have been blessed for the eight years we have lived in Louisiana.  The people we have met and forged friendships, experiencing the culture, exploring new areas of the country, and growing in our walk with Jesus.  No regrets and no disappointment.  A physical move opened up the reality of moving in our faith.//

“Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.”-Hebrews 11:1-NIV

7 thoughts on “A Faith Move

  1. When I saw the word, the first thing I thought about was what you wrote about. I can never thank You, the Kids, and God enough for what you did for me. I am FOREVER Grateful…and I Love you!

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  2. How beautiful life is when you listen to the voice of God! Our stories are similar in that we moved to Va when God prompted, only to have my dad pass away suddenly in a car accident a year or so later. God knew. This was such great confirmation again to follow where God leads! Thanks for sharing, Kelsey!

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