Starts With Me


The prompt for today is “notice”.  I truly want to notice the good things in my life and celebrate, embrace, and pay it forward.

//Another year flies by and I am a little older and wiser (Ha Ha).  My birthday is around the corner and I have taken notice. There have been many changes I have witnessed over the last couple of decades and it makes me wonder about my future.

I have noticed integrity is much harder to detect.  I see it flagrantly abused by  the media, elected officials, and the business leaders in Corporate America.  People used to be able to make deals and promises and live up to them.  We continue to accept this behavior, with little consequence, and wonder why it continues.  Why has this standard been lowered?

I have noticed technology has made us a lazy and mean society.  Whether it is video games, spellcheck, directions, texting, or instant status update, we no longer are out moving around and interacting with others.  It is easy to get caught up in gossip on social media and to yell at someone who does not agree with you. Simply type some harsh words and send it out for the whole world to see; even if it is not true.  Why don’t we talk anymore?

I have noticed a lack of respect in this country.  From the children who are allowed to disrespect their elders and those who have been placed in authority (teachers, police, military) to grown adults who feel entitled to act and behave criminally because not everyone thinks like them.  What happened to manners?

I am taking notice a change is needed.  And it will start with me.  I choose to stand by my word when a promise is made and deliver on the expectations. I want to be reliable.  I will monitor my use of technology and be sure to use it to uplift and be positive in my communications.  I will also lead by example and put away the phone, tablet, or TV to show my children and grandchildren interaction with each other can be cool.  I will make sure I show common courtesy to those in my circle who may not agree with me in religion, politics, or sports teams.  We can disagree and still be cordial and friendly!

God made us differently so we would not all think and act the same.  We owe it to ourselves to treat others as we want to be treated, with kindness, compassion, and appreciation.  There is still good in this world and I choose to notice these qualities and share them with love.//

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