The Ultimate Party


The prompt for this Sunday is “blowout”.  I had to look up the word and went with the definition from Merriam-Webster dictionary, “an informal social gathering, a big party.”  Let me share a big party we had on Super Bowl Sunday 1996.  Blessings!

I was speechless.  The voice on the other end of the phone was asking me how I felt about winning the big Super bowl Party from Mix 102.9 and my head was swimming.  I won?

A week prior, my husband was calling and begging me to enter into the Super Bowl sweepstakes.  The winner would receive a big screen TV, catered dinner for friends and family, a dishwasher, and maid service to clean up after.  For entertainment, we would have bleachers set up in our front yard to enjoy a local high school band march and play before the game started.

Wow.  Up until this moment, the only other time I had won anything was a handsaw for my dad when I was fifteen.  But this win was a blowout.  And my husband was in hog heaven.

I literally filled out the entry form and faxed it in (yes this was 1996, so it was old school), days before the winner was to be drawn.  I had completely forgotten about it and then the big announcement.  My daughter answered the phone as I was trying to get dressed for work.  She was actually on the air and my husband heard it on the car radio and had to pull over.  Thank goodness Taryn was so polite to the DJ asking to speak to me.  I get on the phone and the man starts rambling off the drawing and all the prizes and says “Congrats, you are the winner!”  I was dumbfounded and sounded like a complete moron on the air.  Who cares, it was a big win!

Our friends, neighbors, and family enjoyed the Super Bowl party.  Oh, did I mention we are Dallas Cowboys fans and guess who was playing in the big game?  Dallas was playing the Pittsburgh Steelers.  The local television station came out to interview me and I predicted the Cowboys would win 35-17.  I was close; the final score was 27-17. How ‘bout them Cowboys!



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