Exit Here


The prompt for today is “sign.”  It would have been easy to write about signs I have received in my walk with God.  So I decided to share one of my “areas of opportunity.”  Blessings!

//One might describe me as directionally challenged.  Okay, I just heard my husband laugh.  Yes, I admit it.  Road signs and I don’t mesh.  I remember one of my first times driving from Houston to Dallas on I45, I was told to look for the BIG sign which said exit for DFW airport.  I saw it but figured there would be another exit after this one for those of us who were cautious in taking the first exit seen.

Driving to my parents’ house in Brenham from Grapevine Texas was always a story in the making.  Dad would generally ask me “Which way did you take this time?”  I was not lost, but chose a different scenic route each trip and guess what?  I always made it to their doorstep.

Not sure why I don’t do well with street signs either.  It is best to give me the visual landmarks such as “turn right at the McDonald’s and make a left once you pass the big purple shrub.”  I can guarantee I will be there pronto with no turnarounds.

I am so thankful for the legal U-turns.  Generally, there is a U-turn in most of my daily trips.  Inevitably, I pass up where I need to go and need to work my way back to my destination.  You know what?  There must be a lot more of us out there who drive similar, otherwise, why would they make so many legal U-turn options?  Things that make you go HMMMMMMM!//

3 thoughts on “Exit Here

  1. LOL, You and I are not alike on this one. I use to tell you before you could drive to pay attention to street names and road signs and what was North, South, East and West. You never did. You didn’t finish the story about that trip to Dallas, LOL. I love maps and will not use GPS at all. I like taking back roads which sometimes don’t have many road signs. I figure that God will lead me to where I should be and if I wonder off the path I decided to go, He will find a better way for me. But it is always a good thing to know which way the sun comes up and goes down, even on a foggy day like today. Love ya.

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