Taming The Tongue


The prompt today is “cut”.  I have chosen to “cut” the distractions out of my life which steals my joy and peace.  I am so thankful for God guiding me in this needed action.  Blessings!

//No more. I made my list of items and actions which needed to be removed from my life.  I could no longer continue with the toxic emotions inside of me when something made me angry.  And lately, it seemed everything made me mad.  It was time to cut and purge the negativity.

I loved to argue and have the last word.  In hindsight, I bet I was obnoxious at times when I felt I had to prove my point.  Years of living with this mentality wore me out and I could no longer thrive in this manner. One of the items for review was my interaction on social media.  So many of my “friends” would post completely ridiculous arguments and statements and I felt I NEEDED to respond. Nope.  I made the decision I would only post uplifting and encouraging items on my pages.  I would not fall into the negative trap of arguing and offering up snarky comments.

When I feel like snapping at someone, I give it to God.  I do feel a peace come over me and the anger subsides.  Spending time daily with Him has helped me immensely in this area.  I am learning to prioritize the important life happenings and not dwell on trivial and petty items.

I have learned to cut out the extra anxiety around circumstances which I have no control over.  This is what is beautiful about God and His plan.  He knows what is happening now and in the future so I will let Him handle it and I will live to honor and worship Him.//

“A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.”-Proverbs 15:1-NIV

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