His Voice


This is the last day of writing for 31 days straight!  The last prompt is “only” and I think about if only I had not accepted this challenge.  This past month has opened my eyes to the fact I can write without lamenting for hours on the perfect piece.  I can write from the heart and feel good about my message.  I hope you have enjoyed it too. I will be taking a small hiatus and will be back to my blog soon.  Thank you for indulging and supporting me in my writings.  Blessings!

//I looked out at the audience and shuttered.  I was holding my breath and praying my legs did not buckle.   I had been asked by my church to give my testimony to thousands of people over four services.  The church staff thought my story, about my relationship with God and our church after my husband’s passing, would be hope for others in their grief journey.  I had doubts.

If only I had practiced more.  If only I was not shaking.  If only I had more confidence.  If only.

I took a deep breath and prayed a silent plea, “Lord help me” and came out on stage to thunderous applause.  The lighting was in my eyes so I could never see the audience, but I could hear them.  The words flowed from my mouth uncontrollably.  I answered the questions confidently and shared my testimony.  And it quickly ended with a huge sigh of relief and accomplishment.  Now only three more times!

It was not me up on the stage speaking; it was God using me to communicate His story in my life.  I give Him the glory of the experience.  If I had succumbed to the “only’s” I would not have been able to share and let others following a similar path know they are not alone.  This is what God wanted me to share; if we turn to Him ONLY, He will never leave us.//

“What, then, shall we say in response to these things?  If God is for us, who can be against us?”-Romans 8:31

7 thoughts on “His Voice

  1. Kelsey You are amazing! I truly loved each and every day with you. I am not a writer( rather a talker – surprise) so this was a challenge that would totally intimidate me. You have such a gift – thanks for saying yes to God! Love, Theresa

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  2. This was so beautiful and such an encourgement to quit focusing on “me” and my inadequcies. I need to remember it is God who does it. If he brings me to it he will get me through it.

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    • Thanks Julie, yes it will be 16 years in February and it has been a journey. Lots of tears, hugs, doubt, and joy. I was involved in grief recovery for many years as a facilitator and wanted out. God has had a different idea and keeps leading back to talk about my story-sigh. No more resisting from this sista! Blessings back atcha!


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