Make A Connection

Make A Connection

“May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.”-Romans 15:13*

I know it has been a while since I have written, but it is okay.  A break now and then can only help one recharge, renew, and regroup.  I needed all three!  Thank you for those who have missed my writing and reached out to me, I feel so loved!  And you know what?  I needed the connection.

One thing I have noticed in my time away is how important it is to connect with people.  Not in social media, texting, or the internet, but to look someone in the eye and offer or receive hope in the moment we connect.  It is what I crave for anymore.


Over the past several months there have been horrific acts of violence, terrible tragedies, and destructive weather episodes.  It is so easy for me to be sucked into the doom and gloom of current events and I realize I don’t want to do this.  I want to find the good, the blessings, and the genuine.

I will choose to seek out hope.  tweet-graphic-4

The first step is to look for a human connection.  Whether it is going into ground zero after a hurricane, meeting new people at church, visiting with family, or feeding the homeless, I choose to look someone in the eye and be available.  Let them know they are the center of my attention and focus on their needs.

Second is to listen.  Listening to someone without formulating a response, resolution, or opinion is a huge challenge for me.  The only way I can get better is to practice, which means I need to have face to face interaction with others.  One thing I have been working on is focusing on keywords which are being discussed and to mention the specific words back to the person.  It helps me retain what is the need and to let the other person know I heard them.

Lastly, I need to follow up and pray for them.  Sometimes the situation may be a one-time connection but I can still pray for the person.  If I am able to continue talking to them, this is where the good stuff starts happening.

We build a relationship.

Not only do we connect but continuous interaction enables me and others to build a rapport with one another and this is where I find hope in humanity.

One connection at a time.

I believe we are created this way, to crave human interaction, to seek networking with one another, and to build alliances.  I believe the only way I will find hope is to trust in God and learn from His people.


Whether they believe in my same God or not, I am not to judge, but tasked with making the connection.

I am going to explore ways of capturing hope in our civilization and sharing the experiences with you through my blog.  I am choosing to focus on the positive, the good news, and the optimism which surrounds me each and every day.  No matter how big or small.  My desire is for you to join me in recognizing and celebrating the daily connections we make with one another and be reminded there is hope.  Blessings on a beautiful week!

*The Holy Bible, New International Version Copyright 1973, 1978, 1984 by International Bible Society

5 thoughts on “Make A Connection

  1. Amen! Loved how you wrote this straight from the heart. I often say the same thing. Connecting on social media is great but human connection and true relationships are what we were designed to have. The relationships and connection fill our soul with all of Gods goodness.

    Go Make Joy Contagious!

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  2. Great to have you back writing. I love what you said, “One connection at a time.” Over the last few years, I have been moving more towards that, and it has been a good experience. It came from an awkward situation where I was left out by one particular person. But God had a way of showing me I was never meant to be there anyway. I needed to move to connecting on a more personal level one on one.

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  3. Missed you Babe…always look forward to clearing my mind and reading your words of inspiration. First chance I have had to read it and you Made a Connection!
    Thank you for helping me see…I Love You!

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