Living Out Passion (1)

“Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying:  Who should I send?  Who will go for Us?  I said:  Here I am.  Send me.”  Isaiah 6:8*

It is exciting to start a new year!  No goals for me, but a new intention.  I have selected the word “devotion” and I am applying it all facets of my life; my time with God, my relationships, and my writing.  I have decided to take twelve synonyms of the word “devotion” and apply it to my writing calendar.  For the month of January, I have chosen “passion” as my word of the month.

PASSION-Strong liking or desire for some activity, object, or concept**

Growing up I regularly noticed my father with his nose in a book.  I would ask him what he was reading and he would show me the front of the book with a whimsical title of “Quantum Mechanics, the most exciting theory using mathematical interpretation”.  I would try to hide my puzzlement with a poker face, but there was no fooling dad.  He knew I was clueless.

My dad grew up in a small community in Ohio.  He learned early on his love of learning would open up opportunities for his future.  My dad used his passion for knowledge to gain several bachelor’s degrees in mechanical, petroleum, and chemical engineering along with a master’s degree.  When he passed away in September 2014 at the age of seventy-four, he was taking online courses to complete another degree in electrical engineering.  His thirst for knowledge was evident not only in formal education but in everyday activities.

When computers became a way of life, my dad taught himself how to use a computer, how to write code, and how to build one from parts.   He also learned how to work on cars and rebuild them, how to tackle plumbing issues, and later how to build furniture out of wood and scroll pictures into wooden keepsakes for the family.  My dad had a passion for learning, growing, and challenging himself.

Later in life, dad began to pour his passion for learning into his bible.  He would read, discuss with his bible study class, and share his thoughts with family and friends.  His favorite book was Isaiah which documents how God reveals His judgment and salvation.   When we are willing to learn about Him, accept Him as our Lord and Savior, and repent of our sins, we are extended God’s grace and forgiveness.  Isaiah showed his passion in a proclaimed message of repentance from sin and hopeful expectation of God’s deliverance of Judah in the future.***  I am thankful my dad was able to be open about his personal relationship with God because it assured his family where he would be for eternity.

My father led by example in following his passion to learn until his last breath.  I am inspired to follow in his footsteps, not so much about engineering, but pushing myself to learn about the subjects which interest me, like writing.  I look at learning as an opportunity to challenge my brain and discover and develop my God-given talents to witness to others of God’s love and grace.  I want to thank you, dad, for living out your passion and leaving the legacy for your family to carry forward.

* The Holy Bible, New International Version Copyright 1973, 1978, 1984 by International Bible Society


***The Study Bible for Women Copyright 2014 by Holman Bible Publishers Nashville, TN

7 thoughts on “Living Out Passion

  1. Kelsey, I loved getting to know your dad as I read your blog today. He truly had a passion for learning. I wish our engineering dads could have met for coffee. Maybe they are in heaven!

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  2. You pictured your Dad pretty good there. His focus on education was always first. That is why he started asking all his grandchildren when they were starting school if they had learned Algebra yet. We knew it as his ongoing joke. I had to show Hunter what a slide rule was because that was the way that your father got through college was working out problems on graft paper. I am still finding the pages and pages of his problems and his grades on them from college. I think many of the grand children have inherited his passion for knowledge. Good work Kels.

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  3. Your dad sounds like an amazing man. I love your word, “devotion” and how you plan to learn as much as you can about your passion so that you can serve God and others. I was touched by this post.

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