A Physical Move In My Faith Walk

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“Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.”-Hebrews 11:1*

I sat there in total disbelief.  I knew I had heard God right, but it bore repeating to my heart again.  “Move, God?  Are you sure?”

It was 2008 and we had been married for three years.  During these first few years, Randy and I had a chaotic newlywed period.  He was a bachelor and at age forty-three he married a widow with three children.  The oldest child, who was severely broken by her father’s death, had been a challenge for the first years of the marriage with drugs, running away, and inappropriate behavior.   The middle son was a growing teenage boy who needed assurance, guidance, and direction.  And the youngest boy was open for an adventure.  We also had suffered some losses of family members and Randy’s job and now this.  Both Randy’s father and sister had serious health issues and we lived over four hundred miles away.

I knew what God was asking and I had a peace about it, so I shared it with Randy.  He was stunned by the suggestion, but after a little time to reflect, we did it.  Keep in mind there were many challenges in moving from Coppell, Texas to Mandeville, Louisiana.  But when God is in charge all the pieces fall into place.

Randy found a job immediately.  We put our house on the market in Texas (during a real estate downturn) and sold it quickly at the asking price.  Our middle son was a freshman in high school and loved his football.  We agreed Randy would move down to Louisiana, start his job, and find us a house.  I would stay behind with the children until after football season.  Randy found our house and we bought it with a counter offer.  The boys moved with us to Louisiana and our daughter stayed behind (she had met her future husband and was still working through some issues).  We were in Louisiana for six months and then we lost Randy’s dad and sister in May and June of 2009.

In looking back, one might ask, why would you make this huge life-changing decision?

It was SO much bigger than a physical move.

It was what God asked of us and we responded.  We put our faith in Him to make the way and give us the vision.  It was not always easy.  We had to be flexible in making new friends, learning a new area, and focusing on the boys’ transition into new schools. The process brought about laughter, tears, and sometimes anger.  It also benefited us as a family to bond together and tackle situations as a team.

We have been blessed for the ten years we have lived in Louisiana.  The people we have met, relationships built, new cultures experienced, new areas of the country explored, and the growth in our walk with Jesus.  Sometimes moving out of a comfort zone makes the zone bigger and the foundation stronger.

No regrets and no disappointment.

The physical transition opened up the reality which was we had moved in our faith.

* The Holy Bible, New International Version Copyright 1973, 1978, 1984 by International Bible Society

10 thoughts on “A Physical Move In My Faith Walk

  1. When I think back on your suggestion…the word is definitely STUNNED. I am also quickly reminded of how EASY it was to find a job, sell a house, buy a house, pack up, move, etc.
    It is amazing what happens when you let Jesus Take the Wheel.
    All my Love!

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  2. I had a very similar step of faith regarding our move away from family in FL to the mountains of NC with our 4 young boys last year. God whispered to me, after my husband suggested the move, and said “Trust Me, Follow him.” I did, and even though it has been extremely hard adjusting without our family and support, God has provided EVERYTHING we’ve needed and MORE we didn’t even know we would need. Thanks for sharing your story!


  3. I just re-shared a post about how we, like sheep, tend to wear ruts in our own familiar lives, but our Good Shepherd moves us to greener pastures for our own good, going ahead of us to prepare the way! Now, being an Army family, the call to move is often loud and clear and comes in the form of military orders, but trusting that God goes before us is the only way I’ve made it through several of out moves… come to think of it, the most challenging was our move to Louisiana! LOL!! But looking back, as you have, I see how God was working and moving in all of our moves and it. is. cool. Thanks for sharing this great story! Blessings, friend!


  4. What a truth-filled post that’s so relatable! I loved visiting today! Liked you on Facebook and shared this pin as well! 🙂


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